To learn more about the research during my Ph.D. study, you can follow these links for detailed updates:

[ResearchGate]         [Matyjaszewski group website]           [Matyjaszewski group Twitter]

My research focuses on the development of functional materials from polymers, and study their composition and functionalities. 

Particularly, my research involves the following areas:

  • Design of nanocarbon from polymer precursors

  • Unusual photoluminescence from non-conjugated polymers

  • Controlled radical polymerizations with liquid metals, such as eutectic gallium-indium alloy (EGaIn)

To get updates from my advisor, Prof. Matyjaszewski's group, please follow our group Twitter or go to our group website.


I am also interested in quality control and lean production. These skills and knowledge also helped me think more critically about my own projects. After learning the principles of DMAIC, Voice of Customer, hypothesis testing, Design of Experiments and control charts, I got my ASQ six sigma green belt certification in the spring of 2021. (picture copyright:

During my Ph.D., I was also involved in the instrument management of gel permeation chromatography (GPC) in our group. GPC is an important chromatographic method to determine molecular weights for polymers. Learning the principles behind these instruments is a huge bonus for me during my Ph.D..

I am currently responsible for the maintenance and troubleshooting of a conventional GPC and a ultra performance liquid chromatography (UPLC, see picture on the left). 

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